Joan Chamorro presenta Marçal Perramon


Detalls del producte

  1. The end of a love affair (E. Redding)
  2. This years kisses (Irving Berlin)
  3. Tristeza (Sergio Mendez)
  4. I don’t stand a ghost of a chance with you (Victor Young)
  5. It’s allright with me (Cole Porter)
  6. I’ve never been in love before (Frank Loesser)
  7. Nobody else but me (Jerome Kern)
  8. Johnny come lately (Billy Strayhorn)
  9. Little white lies (Walter Donaldson)
  10. Harry’s last stand (Wayne Shorter)
  11. Time to smile (Freddie Redd)
  12. Bahia com H (D. Brean)
  13. Bluesuses (Marçal Perramon)
  14. Hey, look! (Johnny Griffin)
  15. I’m confessin’ that I love you (Daugherty / Reynolds / Neiburg)



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